Take part in my “Name that Dollhouse!” contest

A new house flipping project

I’ve got big plans for the secondhand dollhouse I bought recently. It’s going to be featured front and center in an upcoming book or two (or maybe even more!).

From The House of Seven Gables, to Fallingwater, to Graceland, houses with names have presence. Naturally, this needs a great name too. Since I’m planning to feature it in a mystery, the name should be spooky and mysterious but also fitting with the clean, classic look of the house (I’m planning to keep its exterior about the same as it looks below).

The person who suggests the winning name will get the following:
Recognition on one of the first pages of the book and any subsequent books I write using this name.
Recognition on the Flip This (Mini) House blog (right here!) and social media pages and also on my author social media pages.
A Kindle copy of the book.
Bragging rights!

More details coming soon, but it’s not too early for you to start suggesting clever names! To do so head over to the Flip This (Mini) House Facebook page, here.

By entering this contest, you acknowledge there’s no other compensation, financial or otherwise, for having your suggestion chosen as the winning name.

My newest dollhouse says, “I need a cool name!”


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