A mini book signing

A new house flipping project, Everyday objects repurposed, Furniture and decor I've purchased, Handmade decor for my mini house

I’m planning to design new author business cards soon, so I have a big stack of old ones that I was going to recycle. Lucky for me, I realized they’d make perfect mini books! Once I made a few, I was inspired to stage this mini book signing.

The tiny handbag is made from a coaster. The newspaper is an image I found online, shrunk down, and printed out.

You know how I love a tiny bunting or garland to festive-ize a room box!

These coasters are great for all kinds of dollhouse and room box projects!


A bohemian living room with a handmade wall hanging

Furniture and decor I've purchased, Handmade decor for my mini house, Miniaturists, Tweaking store-bought dollhouse furniture

Inspired by some more clearance jewelry finds, I made this cute pink tasseled wall hanging for a comfy room box living room!

This yarn, above, looks a little too thick for this project, so I’ll try it with some finer-weight pink thread instead.

Carefully remove the tassels… (Watch out for flying bits of metal!)

A bit of a kabob skewer works great for this project!


Decorate This (Mini) Room

A new house flipping project, Everyday objects repurposed, Furniture and decor I've purchased, Handmade decor for my mini house, Miniaturists, Shopping for minis, Tweaking store-bought dollhouse furniture

I had so much fun working on the Flip This (Mini) House book that I decided to publish a shorter book devoted to room boxes. It’s filled with never-before-seen photos and projects that are sure to inspire. It’s now available as a Kindle eBook (included in Kindle Unlimited) and will come out in paperback soon.

Decorate This Mini Room by Holly Tierney-Bedord

A poppy-papered writing studio


Time to catch up on letter writing in this poppy-papered studio!

This poor little dog has been dirty ever since he had to live in a flower pot one summer. I can’t get him clean! But how can I throw him away? He’s too cute.

Coffee, puppy, poppies. Ready to catch up on letter writing!

Decorate This (Mini) Room

A new house flipping project, Everyday objects repurposed, Furniture and decor I've purchased, Handmade decor for my mini house, Shopping for minis

Since my dollhouse is done, I’ve been having some fun decorating a room box. This is the perfect project for a beginner, someone on a budget, or anyone with a short attention span! Any cardboard shipping box is all you need for your structure. Dress it up with scrapbook paper, mini furniture and accessories. Below are a couple of recent projects, including a bohemian bedroom, inspired by a clearance iron-on butterfly I bought a couple days ago, and a Christmasy room filled with clearance minis.

I’ve got some Big News for you! Flip This (Mini) House is now a book!

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Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve had any house-flipping news for you, but I hope this makes up for that!

Flip This (Mini) House is now a book!

It’s available in paperback or Kindle versions.


Inside, you’ll find all kinds of tips, templates, befores-and-afters, hits and misses, and the whole Flip This (Mini) House story. Much of the information in the book has appeared on this blog, but there is new content as well.

Over 100 full-color photos guaranteed to inspire you and bring out your inner miniaturist! Grab your copy today!

A loft dollhouse by miniaturist Melissa Johnson

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Miniaturist Melissa Johnson has been a wonderfully supportive fan of FlipThis(Mini)House over the years. She recently reached out to me to show off the loft-style dollhouse she just completed. With her permission, I’m sharing it here!

Made from scratch from an Ikea wood storage box and decorated with a combination of handmade furniture and vintage pieces from the 60’s and 70’s, it’s truly a one-of-a-kind piece! Finished size is 18X18 inches.









All photos by Melissa Johnson. All rights reserved.

A couple of mini craft projects

Handmade decor for my mini house

I’ve made a couple of quick, easy craft projects lately, both featured on my other blog Holly Recommends. Since these are for my real house, both are a little bigger than the typical scale I’d use if I was creating something for a dollhouse. They’re a cute, quirky way to lighten up a room.

Here’s a link to a mini woven wall-hanging, and a mini crocheted plant sweater.


Photos by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

La Vie Mini

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One of my favorite things about Flip This (Mini) House is that it helps me connect with other miniaturists. Madeline Thoman of La Vie Mini recently got in touch with me. I just had a chance to check out her website and it’s AMAZING. If you love all things mini, like I do, you’ll adore her curated ensemble of interesting stories and tiny treasures.

One of the more fascinating posts is this one about a father who created a dollhouse grave for his daughter.



Photo source: La Vie Mini (visit site for more information)

There’s a definite dark, beautiful quirkiness associated with dollhouses and miniatures, and La Vie Mini captures it perfectly.

In that spirit, I’ll leave you with a little information about one of my favorite miniaturists, Frances Glessner Lee, as highlighted in this Slate article from 2014.