A sweet little Victorian cottage

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This past weekend I got this sweet, adorable cottage. It came with the furnishings and family. The beautiful little staircase is what convinced me to drive all the way from Madison to Dubuque to get it.




Tea for two

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Today I created this sweet little room box:

The faux light fixture and two baskets shown above are recent purchases from Etsy artist MiniHome Co. Below is a photo of all my recent purchases from her: Two baskets, a macrame-style wall hanging, and three faux light fixtures. Check out her Etsy shop here.

The cute little glass animals are recent purchases from my trip to Prague.

The pink tasseled wall-hanging was made from some inexpensive jewelry.

This mirror was a quick project. You just need a snippet of twine, any inexpensive craft store mirror, and some glue.

All photos by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

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A mini book signing

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I’m planning to design new author business cards soon, so I have a big stack of old ones that I was going to recycle. Lucky for me, I realized they’d make perfect mini books! Once I made a few, I was inspired to stage this mini book signing.

The tiny handbag is made from a coaster. The newspaper is an image I found online, shrunk down, and printed out.

You know how I love a tiny bunting or garland to festive-ize a room box!

These coasters are great for all kinds of dollhouse and room box projects!