A sweet little Victorian cottage

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This past weekend I got this sweet, adorable cottage. It came with the furnishings and family. The beautiful little staircase is what convinced me to drive all the way from Madison to Dubuque to get it.




A cozy breakfast room on a budget

Everyday objects repurposed, Furniture and decor I've purchased, Handmade decor for my mini house

Today’s room box has lots of inexpensive touches.

The dresser, cabinet, and small table (night stand) were all Dollar Store purchases or from the dollar (or so) aisle of one of my local craft stores. All were originally unpainted. The dresser and night stand have non-functioning drawers, unfortunately.

I wove the chunky rugs on a potholder loom. The flat, tan one is just a scrap of burlap.

Here’s a link to a previous post about the faux macrame wall hanging and the faux light fixture.

The white, fringy wall hanging on the far left is an earring.

This little plant goes here!

The diamond shaped wall hanging is a scrap of burlap I wove some yarn into.

The oversized wooden pot on top of the cabinet was featured here. It’s a napkin ring.

Earrings from Prague.

All photos by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

Quick, easy, inexpensive decorating tips

Furniture and decor I've purchased, Handmade decor for my mini house

Here’s a room box I recently made.

The placemats are snippets of burlap.

The oversized planters are napkin rings.

The flowers are from the Dollar Store.

The wooden vase is from a craft store. It came in a bag of about a dozen wooden vases for a dollar or two.

The table is another Dollar Store purchase, painted red.

The floors and walls are scrapbook paper.

The plates and mugs were inexpensive purchases from miniatures.com.

The only “splurges” in the room are the chairs and faux light fixture.


The best part of all? The whole room came together in a matter of minutes.

Tip: Pull off a a bit of the burlap all the way around each placemat to give them a nice, even look.

Tip: Adding trim makes all the difference! This room wouldn’t look quite right or finished without it.

If you like the napkin ring planter idea, but think these feel a little too oversized for use inside a dollhouse or roombox, put them outside the house on a porch or beside a front door instead.

All photos by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

Wallpaper in the farmhouse kitchen and dining area

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I got a lot of work done on my Craigslist farmhouse’s kitchen and dining area this weekend. I still need to install some trim, but I did a little decorating, just for fun. Here’s a look:

The light fixture and bowl on the chopping block are Etsy finds, mentioned in this previous post.

I made the little woven table runner on a small loom. Here’s a look:


The wallpaper, including the flower mural, is scrapbook paper.

This little chopping block is from a thrift store.

All photos by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

In case you missed it, I’ve got a contest going on right now. I’m looking for a new for the dollhouse! Here are all the details.

Tea for two

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Today I created this sweet little room box:

The faux light fixture and two baskets shown above are recent purchases from Etsy artist MiniHome Co. Below is a photo of all my recent purchases from her: Two baskets, a macrame-style wall hanging, and three faux light fixtures. Check out her Etsy shop here.

The cute little glass animals are recent purchases from my trip to Prague.

The pink tasseled wall-hanging was made from some inexpensive jewelry.

This mirror was a quick project. You just need a snippet of twine, any inexpensive craft store mirror, and some glue.

All photos by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

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Gearing up for game night!

Furniture and decor I've purchased

Along with a simple white set of canisters and the world’s cutest arrangement of cheeses, I’ve got a new mid-century kitchen table and chairs in my original Flip This (Mini) House! Take a look!

Displaying mini collections

Furniture and decor I've purchased

If you enjoy collecting in your human-scale life, why not extend that to your mini world? I love collecting tiny baskets for my dollhouse and room boxes. Here’s a look at some of them on display:

I made the little macrame owl on the wall using a Jonathan Adler pattern. The plant is made from doubled-over painter’s tape, cut to shape. The birch tree is a twig wrapped in fuzzy yarn.


Everyday objects repurposed, Furniture and decor I've purchased, Handmade decor for my mini house

Check out some of my recent weaving projects!

The black and white weaving makes a great little table runner, rug, or throw for the foot of a bed.

Here’s another look at the lemon-themed bedroom, but with the blue curtain covering the tiny bamboo shade:

This little curtain didn’t take long to make. I used a loom that came free with Mollie Makes magazine. Here’s a look at the process:

Wondering how I made the bamboo shades?

They’re made from inexpensive coasters, cut to size…

I tried out this old necklace with the blinds…

And felt it was the perfect cord. I snipped off a portion of the necklace and glued it into place with Elmer’s glue.

Looks good!

Wondering about the pretty artwork in this orange room?

These were gift tags designed by Katharine Watson, sold by Crate & Barrel.

Using some black paint (and a piece of junk mail as my workspace), I outlined three of the trimmed-down tags. After they dried I used double-side tape to affix them to the wall.

The tiny pillows in the lemon-themed room are from Shepherd Miniatures. The little books are copies of my own books, cut from my author business cards.

If you find when you’re weaving with a potholder loom that the yarn wants to slip off, wrap it all the way around the loom. You can then weave using one layer or both, depending on your project’s needs. Problem solved!




A mini book signing

A new house flipping project, Everyday objects repurposed, Furniture and decor I've purchased, Handmade decor for my mini house

I’m planning to design new author business cards soon, so I have a big stack of old ones that I was going to recycle. Lucky for me, I realized they’d make perfect mini books! Once I made a few, I was inspired to stage this mini book signing.

The tiny handbag is made from a coaster. The newspaper is an image I found online, shrunk down, and printed out.

You know how I love a tiny bunting or garland to festive-ize a room box!

These coasters are great for all kinds of dollhouse and room box projects!