Easy Wall-hangings

Handmade decor for my mini house

It’s easy to make little wall-hangings like these recent creations.

The card that came with some earrings was the perfect backing. I started with a strip of trim, affixing it with double-sided tape, layering a contrasting trim, and repeating the process.

This little table, above, is made of a rock slice and some wooden beads. The wall-hanging beside it is made of a cardboard earring card, some wood grain craft tape, a small metal tree from a craft store, and some trim.

Chip clips are great for mini craft projects!




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Check out some of my recent weaving projects!

The black and white weaving makes a great little table runner, rug, or throw for the foot of a bed.

Here’s another look at the lemon-themed bedroom, but with the blue curtain covering the tiny bamboo shade:

This little curtain didn’t take long to make. I used a loom that came free with Mollie Makes magazine. Here’s a look at the process:

Wondering how I made the bamboo shades?

They’re made from inexpensive coasters, cut to size…

I tried out this old necklace with the blinds…

And felt it was the perfect cord. I snipped off a portion of the necklace and glued it into place with Elmer’s glue.

Looks good!

Wondering about the pretty artwork in this orange room?

These were gift tags designed by Katharine Watson, sold by Crate & Barrel.

Using some black paint (and a piece of junk mail as my workspace), I outlined three of the trimmed-down tags. After they dried I used double-side tape to affix them to the wall.

The tiny pillows in the lemon-themed room are from Shepherd Miniatures. The little books are copies of my own books, cut from my author business cards.

If you find when you’re weaving with a potholder loom that the yarn wants to slip off, wrap it all the way around the loom. You can then weave using one layer or both, depending on your project’s needs. Problem solved!




A poppy-papered writing studio


Time to catch up on letter writing in this poppy-papered studio!

This poor little dog has been dirty ever since he had to live in a flower pot one summer. I can’t get him clean! But how can I throw him away? He’s too cute.

Coffee, puppy, poppies. Ready to catch up on letter writing!

Decorate This (Mini) Room

A new house flipping project, Everyday objects repurposed, Furniture and decor I've purchased, Handmade decor for my mini house, Shopping for minis

Since my dollhouse is done, I’ve been having some fun decorating a room box. This is the perfect project for a beginner, someone on a budget, or anyone with a short attention span! Any cardboard shipping box is all you need for your structure. Dress it up with scrapbook paper, mini furniture and accessories. Below are a couple of recent projects, including a bohemian bedroom, inspired by a clearance iron-on butterfly I bought a couple days ago, and a Christmasy room filled with clearance minis.

I’ve got some Big News for you! Flip This (Mini) House is now a book!

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Hello! It’s been a while since I’ve had any house-flipping news for you, but I hope this makes up for that!

Flip This (Mini) House is now a book!

It’s available in paperback or Kindle versions.


Inside, you’ll find all kinds of tips, templates, befores-and-afters, hits and misses, and the whole Flip This (Mini) House story. Much of the information in the book has appeared on this blog, but there is new content as well.

Over 100 full-color photos guaranteed to inspire you and bring out your inner miniaturist! Grab your copy today!

Merry Christmas! Here’s an old favorite!


Remember these mini ornaments I made, featured in 2015?


Here and here are links to the original posts about them, including a printable template to make your own tiny ornament box! Enjoy! Merry Christmas!