Decorate This (Mini) Room

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Since my dollhouse is done, I’ve been having some fun decorating a room box. This is the perfect project for a beginner, someone on a budget, or anyone with a short attention span! Any cardboard shipping box is all you need for your structure. Dress it up with scrapbook paper, mini furniture and accessories. Below are a couple of recent projects, including a bohemian bedroom, inspired by a clearance iron-on butterfly I bought a couple days ago, and a Christmasy room filled with clearance minis.


Bohemian Inspiration

Blogs and websites that inspire

This doesn’t happen very often! Here’s a blog that’s so delightful that I’m sharing it on both Holly Recommends and Flip This (Mini) House. Thanks to my friend Janet for seeing this in the first place and recognizing how much full-size and mini-size inspiration I’d find in it.

Click the links beneath the photo to check it out!

Photo credit: Emily Katz and Adam Porterfield’s home as featured on Houzz