Reunited: the story of a tiny traveling tureen



Remember this Victorian cottage I added to my dollhouse collection a few weeks ago?

It came with furniture, decor that included tiny dishes, and a sweet little family. In the dish collection, there was a lid for a soup tureen, but no bowl. That’s the nature of dollhouse life, though; the tiny bits and pieces that make up a miniature world often go missing over time.

A week or so ago the sellers contacted me to let me know they’d found another dish that had belonged with the dollhouse and they wondered if I’d like it. Naturally, I said yes. You can’t have one little dish just hanging out, alone in the world. They mailed it to me and when I opened the envelope, which dish was in there? The bowl portion of the tureen! Seriously, I can’t tell you how delighted I was to see it. Many people would have chucked it in a drawer or the garbage, but they went above and beyond to get it to me.

Here’s my tureen, with both parts (and a little spoon I added since I don’t have a ladle) together again:



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