A mini macrame owl inspired by Jonathan Adler’s design

Handmade decor for my mini house

It’s nowhere near being move-in ready yet, but my mid-century marvel has been accumulating stacks of decor. Some of it I’ve purchased new, some at antique and thrift stores, but most of it I’ve made myself. This miniature macrame owl was inspired by Jonathan Adler’s design book 100 Ways to Happy Chic Your Life. In the book he shows several macrame owls and gives simple, step-by-step instructions to create your own owl. I used his instructions as helpful guidelines, but altered them to work for me. I used thin yarn so it would be the appropriate scale. I added the eyes with slightly darker thread, and I will reattach them once I pick up some thread that’s a match. Up close and with the camera flash the thread is quite noticeable, but until I can replace it, it’s actually not that easy to see in person. I’ve shown the owl with a regular pen so you can get an idea of the scale. Once it’s hanging in the house it will look like a pretty large wallhanging. I think it will end up in the living room, but I am not sure yet. The best part about miniature crafts? They don’t take very long to make!

Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.

Photo by Holly Tierney-Bedord. All rights reserved.


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