Something old, something new

Furniture and decor I've purchased

Despite the horrendous demoing process (No pictures necessary. Let me just say, I’ll be lucky if my house stays intact as I tear out these superglued-in floors), I am maintaining a positive attitude.

I recently acquired this vintage miniature dresser that features hand-painted rosemaling. It is solid wood and has great details, like mid-century legs and real drawers. It was just $6.00. What a find! It’s going to be a wonderful addition to the master bedroom. Rosemaling might be classic Norwegian, but to me it screams 1972.

Also, for the office, I got a miniature Mr. Arty! It’s meant to be a key chain, but the key chain portion was easily removed. Once that happened, Arty took off running like a gingerbread man escaping from a cookie sheet. He tried to get out the window, but the glass blocked him in.

Any art majors out there recall seeing this little wooden guy (and his counterpart, Handy) reclining in classrooms across America, supposedly helping us to capture the nuances of the human form. Now my mini dollhouse will have its own little Arty to recline on the office desk or bookshelf. I think once he gets used to it, he’ll realize it’s a pretty nice place.


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