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One of my favorite things about Flip This (Mini) House is that it helps me connect with other miniaturists. Madeline Thoman of La Vie Mini recently got in touch with me. I just had a chance to check out her website and it’s AMAZING. If you love all things mini, like I do, you’ll adore her curated ensemble of interesting stories and tiny treasures.

One of the more fascinating posts is this one about a father who created a dollhouse grave for his daughter.



Photo source: La Vie Mini (visit site for more information)

There’s a definite dark, beautiful quirkiness associated with dollhouses and miniatures, and La Vie Mini captures it perfectly.

In that spirit, I’ll leave you with a little information about one of my favorite miniaturists, Frances Glessner Lee, as highlighted in this Slate article from 2014.


Merry Christmas! Here’s an old favorite!


Remember these mini ornaments I made, featured in 2015?


Here and here are links to the original posts about them, including a printable template to make your own tiny ornament box! Enjoy! Merry Christmas!

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If you love miniatures and you love The Golden Girls, this is for you.

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Bust magazine put together a list of Golden Girls inspired gifts. I want them all, particularly this amazing creation (a mini Golden Girls dollhouse!) by Etsy artist Alan of Everyday Miniatures.


Photo credit note: These photos on this post are the property of Alan of Everyday Miniatures. They are not taken by me or depicting anything having to do with Flip This (Mini) House.


Miniature Resources


If you love miniatures, here’s a great list of resources, blogs, and artists, compiled by miniaturist Jennifer Nichole Wells.

Tourmaline .

I’ve gotten questions over the years about where I source my miniatures and where to find good resources for those starting out in miniature photography. I’ve begun to compile a list of stores, websites, artists and articles that I hope will be helpful to some of you. If you have question, always feel free to ask.

Free Online Paper Printables

Train Scale Figures and Accessories

Dollhouse Scale Miniatures


Artists that work in miniature

Miniatures in pop culture/ videos

Articles about creating art with miniatures

Miniatures in Museums

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